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Ecological custom solutions for the interior and project branche


Bamboo Solutions is a brand that sells bamboo products to the modern interior building market since 2008. Bamboo Solutions imports Chinese bamboo panels, bamboo floors and bamboo decking direct from established factories in China. Co-operation between customers and supplier means building materials can be manufactured custom made in various layers and sizes for a diverse range of applications. Depending on the technical and aesthetic details of the application we can, in co-operation with the manufacturer, produce custom materials.
Customers and architects differentiate themselves by utilizing these customization options to realize their plans.

Specialized in custom solutions

Bamboo Solutions is specialized in custom solutions and supplying project designers with custom and oversized materials. From experience we know that many projects require custom materials and that available stocks seldom include this demand. If these demands are included in the production process we can provide sizable savings such as low cut losses, less man hours and transport costs. The lead time will replace part of the additional production schedule making the overall time loss less noticeable. The additional advantage is that the shipments contains complete production batches and you have less chance of color differences.

Bamboo Solutions distinguishes themselves against traditional suppliers of panels and working surfaces.

Bamboo Solutions

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